Idaho Decompression 2018 will be held on October 4th through 7th at Twin Springs Resort.

What is Decompression?

Idaho Decompression, also called Decomp, is a community event that functions on community participation for decompressing purposes as we settle back into the default world after our week in the desert.

This is a non-profit event held by burners for burners whether or not they've been to Burning Man.  Ticket sales cover the cost of throwing the event.  We strive to keep this event affordable for all, and in doing so it may not be as flashy as other events - remember, we aren't putting on a show - YOU are the show, we only arrange the infrastructure.   Any proceeds left over will be donated back to the Decomp infrastructure, Decomp Art Grants, and local artists.  Our budget is 100% public and we will share it with any who are interested.

  Bring it.  Do it.  Live it.

This event is what YOU make it - If you think something needs to be added to Decomp - take action and do it!  It's called Do-ocracy: and that is what makes this event thrive.

A do-ocracy is an organizational structure in which individuals choose roles and tasks for themselves and execute them. Responsibilities attach to people who do the work, rather than elected or selected officials.


This is a WEEKEND CAMPING EVENT.  Bring everything you need to survive a weekend in the wilderness. We've listed some basics for you here:

  •  Water (a gallon a day per person - minimum!)
  •  Shelter (Don't forget to stake your sh*t down - or you will watch your home blow away!)(Decomp circa 2014)
  •  Food (duh) 
Practice Radical Self-Reliance.  Plan accordingly.  We Leave No Trace, we respect others, and we cause no harm.  You are Burners, you know this sh*t.  But in case you don't, please familiarize yourself with the 2016 Burning Man Survival Guide: This is Idaho. Be prepared.





FIRESIdaho is considered an extremely high fire risk most of the summer. Federal burn bans are usually still in place when Decomp is held. Our Decomp committee is up to date and current on burn ban regulations and our priority is to protect our forests and wild lands. It is important to stick to our policy regarding fire at Decomp. It has been created for a very good reason and goes something like this:

Yes we will do everything in our power to burn stuff. Our DPW crew and our Safety crew work together to create a safe place for art to burn. Artists interested in burning are also trained and provided a detailed check list for safe burning. 

Yes we have firefighters on site with water trucks and Emergency plans in place with Boise County.

Yes we will provide warming fires for your lil bods. Fires are to remain in Decomp provided raised burn barrels ONLY. These burn barrels are equipped with screens and tools to keep accidental fires to a minimum and are only to be used when regulations allow. 

No you cannot bring your personal fire pan. No you cannot make a fire pit at the venue. No tiki torches or open flames will be allowed.

Yes you can bring wood to burn.


Pack it in - Pack it out

This is a LEAVE NO TRACE Event. You brought it. You take it home.  Even that compo-stable orange peel you tossed on the ground...oranges don't grow in Idaho, so why would an orange peel be welcome in our wilderness?  It's not.  Nor are nut shells, banana peels, and especially not cigarette butts and aluminum cans. 

There will NOT be garbage receptacles available. DO NOT THROW YOUR GARBAGE AWAY on the road.  It’s not a thing. Do a MOOP pick up after you have packed up and before you drive away. Please help us in returning our venue to the way it was before we got there. Its one of the 10 principles we strive to live by.