H.B.I.C., Gate Hotties, Vice President - Idaho Burners Alliance

Meet nurSe. Also known as Jessica in the default world. nurSe has been involved with deCOMP since 2002. She’s volunteered countless hours over the last 15 years making sure deCOMP runs as smoothly and ten-principlelly as possible. A virgin on the playa in 1999, nurSe has gained years of experience in Burningman related shenanigans and combined with her uncanny ability to be super bossy, has helped create a fine team of leads that all work together to bring you the event you see today. nurSe has been known for delivering motivational speeches on her megaphone in the early hours of sunrise and doesn’t bat an eye when tornados strike in the heart of deCOMP and domes go flying. She has been seen rocking high heels in the sand and snuggling her chickens. She speaks bribe and doesn’t believe in VIP.

nurSe is on the gate lead team with the legendary ladies Hannah and Shorty. The gate is the entrance point into Idaho Decompression and is where all da business gets done. The gate is responsible for getting each participant into the event legally and efficiently while running traffic control. Volunteers who work gate must be responsible, accountable, and sober for the entirety of their shift. Gate shifts are a short 4 hours each and volunteers are lucky enough to work with security for the duration.

Volunteers must attend a gate training before the event. Multiple trainings will be offered in September.


Security and Fire

I'm the head of security. I've be working in the security industry for 21 years now. I have worked anything from main head lining bands to local events like pride, rock the mountain, utopia, esthetic, and my favorite Idaho Decompression. I have a good crew of leads that have been helping make sure that the event runs smooth and hassle-free.


We are very social with the people of community, we take time and talk with everybody. Are goal is to make sure you party smart and safe. We make sure all our volunteers have a cool head and are very social.


If you'd like to volunteer and help make this event safe and fun for everyone. You can get a hold of me at




I'm Hannah and I love deCOMP! You can usually find me where a goofy event is taking place, a lukewarm beer in hand, and a shit eating grin on my face. I started attending Idaho Regional Decompression in 2013 where I quickly fell head over heels for the magical place known as the meadow. I volunteered as a greeter my first year and knew within the first 15 minutes that this is where I belonged. Being able to welcome everyone home with a smile and a hug when they first arrive is the greatest feeling in the world. Luckily for me, the other leads of deCOMP realized my potential and love for the community so, the past 3 years I have been dedicated to leading greeters with every ounce of radical inclusion and self-expression I have. This year I will be taking on a new role as one of the three gate leads in the meadow.

Gate volunteers are needed and necessary for our event to run as smoothly as possible, ensuring that cars are getting in safely and correctly. Out of the 10 principles, participation is by far my favorite, because without it where would we be as an event? Camps, like mine, work hard to bring laughter and experience to your time in the meadow. So, volunteer, do a beer bong, wear that ridiculous outfit, play that silly game that someone at some camp is trying to get you to do. Decompression is what you make of it! This team of leaders work tirelessly to make it an event that you want to be at and an event that you take home with you all year. I love deCOMP and I truly hope you do as well. 

Jennifer "Jen" 


I have been volunteering on the Decomp crew since 2011 in various areas including; Medics, Volunteer coordinator, Greeters, Trainer of Greeters and Greeter leads. In the default world, I am a licensed mental health counselor, and have 2 amazing kiddos. I have a passion for experiential arts, immediacy, and authenticity. I have been to the burn 3 times: 2009, 2011, 2012, and have    attended other regional events such as Soak in 2015, and 2017.

I am your go to for all things Greeter related this year and I’m actively recruiting greeter volunteers for our 2017 event!! Greeter shifts go fast so contact me ASAP to secure your spot!



Hi I'm Elton and I work security for deCOMP. I started in 2010. We are not out to bust you for trying to have a good time, we just want you to be safe at your fun time. I've worked many events other then deCOMP, but it's my favorite event to work.

We have a great team working on the new generation of Security staff. So if u have a good attitude you might have a chance to be on our team. Contract me at 


Brittany "Miss Britt"


info: 25 yrs / 5'5" / November 22 / Boise, Idaho
loves: family, food, cooking, bonfires, nature
position: Exodus Lead, supporting Greeter Lead
goal: to oversee and plan deComp's Exodus guidelines including a Lost n Found station and to find 15 volunteers to manage radios and traffic control while supporting the Leave No Trace Crew

My participation in Idaho Decompression began in 2012, but my volunteer role commenced in 2014 when I jumped in to Greet. In 2016, Ash and I took over Greeter operations as Co-Leaders. With Jen his year, we are responsible for finding vivacious volunteer Greeters, planning meetings, conducting trainings, doing promotions, packing gear, making on-site schedules and practicing 2-Way radio safety communication. In the Meadow, Greeter Leads oversee activities related to Gate and the Greeters' tent, welcoming frivolous folks in fondly to frolic freely. Traffic safety control is our primary duty, next to hugs and spanks and maps, oh my!

This year I am stepping up to create an Exodus Lead role. I seek an Exodus Volunteer Crew of 15 to help organize a Lost n Found and to perform reverse Greeter duties on Sunday morning and afternoon. Participation includes extended personal camp clean up time, snacks and assisting the highly respected Leave No Trace Crew. We will have 2-3 planned meetings in Boise leading up to the event. Please contact me for more information about volunteering, Greeting, Exodus or Idaho Decompression itself!

Mishi "Bubbles"

Volunteer Coordinator (& Portos)

Mishi aka Bubbles, is a lovely young lass with a plethora of sass. Attending her first Burn on Baker Beach in 1989, she is a natural choice for Volunteer Coordinator as well as Porto Potty Princess. A founding member of Campbiguous and a dedicated Serial Volunteer; she is a naturally bouncy cheerleader while promoting the Burner Community & Ethos through many avenues. As Porto Potty Princess (PPP) 
Mishi has taken on the task organizing the loos and encourages others to adopt and decorate them as well! Most Importantly, as Volunteer Coordinator, she will connect the Hands with the Jobs. Contact Mishi with any questions you may have. Volunteers can pre-register NOW! See our Website for the Volunteer Link. There are lots of opportunities to help. Be one of the Cool Kids!! Sign Up Today!!! 

Ryan "Cowboy"
Department of Public Works

DESCRIPTION: 6' 2", 210 lbs, hair- brown, eyes- blue
ASSOCIATION: Department of Public Works
RECORD: Building and burning shit since 2000, and having a gas doing it.

Shedding blood, sweat, and jeers in the name of Communal Effort, steeped in Do-ocracy, and driven by the need for MORE ART~MORE FIRE your DPW leader works hard, plays hard, and needs partners in crime. A set of tools with a set of skills is a bonus, but not a requisite- as long as you're willing to work, we'll play too. Gathering cords of wood for our fire barrels is in the near future. Other duties will be hauling equipment to the event, posting signage, distribution of barrels and wood, and erecting Center Camp at the event, etc. 
If you don't enjoy hard work, free hugs, and a sense of accomplishment, then enjoy Coachella and don't bother me. If you DO... find me. Let's get dirty.

Ash "R2-D2"

Meet Ash...also known as R2-D2. Ash is one of the Lead's for Greeters! She started her Greeting career three years ago at her first deCOMP (staring as R2-D2), and has been hooked ever sense. She dived-in head-first into the community with all hands on deck! She loves volunteering for the amazing events the various members of the community put on each year and is always eager to learn new skills and spread creativity wherever she can! She is a crew member of The Colossal Collective, a local group of artists who build glorious puppet art pieces! Their big project this year was the magnificent Jungo Blizzard, who has made an appearance at various local events, and festivals. Ash is a self-proclaimed nerd and enjoys many aspects of various universes, far and wide.


Her bubbly personality and desire to meet and make as many new friends as possible, make greeting the perfect place for her! Tie that in with her love for dressing up in     costumes, and delivering spanking to newcomers, it doesn't get much better for her! As a Greeter Lead, her job is to make sure everyone who makes it to the Meadow is welcomed "the Burner way" as they head out of default! The Principles are crucial to her, and she believes that "Radical Inclusion" should be one of the first encounters someone has as they enter deCOMP. She is very enthusiastic about that having that role, and bringing others into it! She will help anyone who is interested in greeting discover their signature way of doing so. This opportunity is great for extroverts and introverts alike, so don't let doubts stop you from testing the waters and being the smiling faces that welcome all into the Meadow!

The BFG (aka ray. caraway, Joe4, etc.)
Art and Leave No Trace

is a dashing fellow of a mere 47 seasons. His attractive looks combined with his powerful, towering physique & natural charisma makes him a wonderful Lead of both Art & Leave-No-Trace. The BFG can often be found fumbling around Campbiguous, occasionally, or strolling here & there with his head down, looking for treasure, and MOOP.
If you are interested in Volunteering for either the Leave-No-Trace Team or as an Art Assistance Individual you should contact The BFG as soon as you can. Spots on the LNT Crew are coveted jobs, & being one of those folks brings a level of personal satisfaction that is unknown to most humans! A Leave-No-Trace Volunteer will spread the LNT Word. They will stay at the end of the event and participate in LNT MOOP Walks (Matter Out Of Place) where we pick up the minimal junk left over, as folks clean up after themselves pretty darn well. An Art Assistance Volunteer will help as needed on Art Set Up, Placement, & LNT Confirmation when the art is done.

Spots for these positions are limited!! Sign up today!!!

P.S. Special SWAG for my crews.


"I'm shorty & I know what I kno but I don't know what I know I just strutt what the f@*#!"

AGE: older than ur thinking
GENDER: whoa-man, ^whooooooaa-man! She was a thief, u gotta belief, she stole my 💟 & my cat" -Mike Myers 
DEPENDENTS: I have a cat, Sabado. (He's not fat,he's a white tiger)
LIKES: dancing, pinball, microwaved Nathan's hotdogs & SABADO!
DISLIKES: laundry, rodents, politics
HOBBIES: I do cat stuff!

I am also gate lead w 2 other amazing ladies; the nurse & Hannah. This'll be my 7th decompression, 6th yr @ the gate. Burning man '03. I'm just All about gettin Shiz diz done so we can partay!


Race: Human
Class: Ranger
Level: 32
Height: 5' 11"
HP: 180
Alignment: Neutral Good

Background: This will be my 5th year volunteering and attending Idaho Regional DeCompression. I grew up in Lander, Wy. I'm the liason for the 2017 temple project.

Features and Abilities: What O-TOP imagines I help to make reality...and then burn it! If you are interested in volunteering with the temple project, please contact me. We look forward to, "The Tree of Wisdom," in 2017. I volunteer at gate and have participated in a few art projects with O-TOP. Radical Self Reliance is my thing and Leave No Trace is my way of life. If you need help with anything I'm your guy, or I can point you in the right direction.

Stephanie "Fifi"

Center Camp

A woman of some talent (most all of it hidden),  I  discovered Idaho Decompression when I was asked to design the 2010 ticket. I didn’t begin attending it until after it arrived on the meadow but, since then, I’ve been an active participant in theme camps and volunteering! I’ve also helped my  hubby (MzFit) behind the scenes with DeComp’s WWW guide for years, but this year I’m steppin’ it up and taking on being one of the many fabulous people who volunteer to lead stuff! It’s a big deal but I think I can do it cuz I’ve been to Burning Man four times (and many other festivals, too!) where I’ve had the privilege to volunteer in many different areas. I’ve also helped  organize lots of things, from youth sports leagues and co-ops to events and even a theme camp! I have my own business and even raised 3 amazing  monkeys who only throw poop on occasion. So, I get how to juggle the important things!


Which brings me to the important things! I need lots of participation to make Center Camp as amazing as it is in my head and that means volunteers!  We’re gonna bring the  “AWESOME” to DeComp this year, and it all starts smack dab  in the middle of everything with Center Camp! If you like art, building, working PA systems, hanging lights, cleaning stuff up, tearing shiz down, or serving coffee in the morning…. Hit me up!  I have a place for  you!

Robert "Just Some Clown"
Sound Camps

I'm Robert, AKA Just Some Clown, and I've been a part of Decompression since 2006. Christine and I volunteered to clean the bathrooms at The Gathering Place that year. Remember those in-town, one-night parties?

Lately, I've been in charge of Sound Camp placement, along with my own sound camp, Bohemia. I'm not specifically looking for help with sound placement, but if this interests you, please reach out. I can always use help with Bohemia if you are interested -- ambitious plans this summer!

Mallory “Duchess Catfist” 

Placement Minion

I process all Placement applications, and along with Art and Sound leads, work to create the map and direct sanctioned camps where to go in the venue. I have been working on the DeCOMP committee since 2012 (taking a year off in 2015). This year I need volunteers to help direct early arrivals to their proper camp spot and to make sure Camps get to their designated spot, it also includes working closely with Gate Crew, Greeters and DPW to get participants and Art Structures to their designated area. Simple Job, Awesome People, Early Entry. So many wins!

John "Mzfit"

name : mzfit

began burning : 2008

participation :

       - putting together the "What, When, Where" guide for many years for DeComp

    - involvement in several theme camps at various events; as a participant and as an organizer of these: Stag Camp, Turnpike, Can I Show You Mine?, Camp Delirious, and Black Rock Welding and Repair

likes : passionate about sharing the 10 Principles, as they really are an excellent foundation to our community, love to dance and hangout and go all night!


If you have events going on at your camp during DeComp, be sure to get me the info so I can get it into the “What, When, Where” guide!  I need that   info as early as possible so I can try to fit everything in. If I don’t get it in time, your camp event might not make it and that would be sad!

Connie "just Connie"

Treasurer, Idaho Burners Alliance

Connie is the money honey who takes your cash and turns it into gold, or toilet paper, which is actually more valuable than gold. Having been in the Burner scene for 10 years, she has nearly perfected the arts of cat herding and union breaks.

Because her hands are in everything, Connie can probably answer any question you might have about DeCOMP operations, or she will find the answer for you.

Connie is a big believer in Do-ocracy and the Ten Principles of Burning Man. Her role is mostly singular but if you are particularly fond of spreadsheets and have crazy organization and follow through skills, she may have a job for you. 

Kaden "HoneyStick"
President, Idaho Burners Alliance

Now I know what you're thinking and I DO, in fact, have permission to be out of the asylum. I've been around a while (since the Precambrian era) and helping out and doing stuff for the community since I was first introduced in 2004-ish. Some of our fine, fancy leaders around these parts are the ones that adopted me in. I'm a raver from way back (I started going to raves in 1991), but that's not really a qualification or relevant. Sometimes I'm even useful! I tend to pop in and out of roles that are needed and then stand out of the way when I'm only going to muddle things up. Like many of us, I step up and lead when necessary and get my hands dirty when something needs to be done. That's how I tend to think community works. Primarily, I help with The Man, but I'm also there as support for all the teams. One thing I'm not too shabby at is organizing, problem solving, and helping guide people toward their own solutions. My roles change as they are needed, but my most useful skill is being available and solving things. Plus, I'm easily bossed around, so I help out lots.