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Idaho Regional DeCOMPression 2015 Theme and Sound Camp Placement Application Submitting a questionnaire does not automatically grant you space or permission to do everything you've proposed. You will get a response outlining allotted space, placement, and allowable activities. Some things to consider: - Decompression is located in a large meadow with rolling hills in the mountains and is full of rocks, sagebrush, small trees, and uneven ground. - There is very little natural shade in the area. If your goal is daytime visitors/activities, a shade structure is recommended. - This is a Leave No Trace event and there is a possibility of high winds, lightning, and/or rainstorms. You must design your project so that it will not drip, "shed", blow apart, or short out ‎(electrical)‎ when exposed to wind or rain. - Your camp may be assigned to an area that has no natural anchors for guy lines. Assume you must use stakes ‎(with safety caps)‎ to secure your structures. - Visitors to your camp may explore any area or structure they can access. Dangerous areas or sensitive equipment not intended for public access/tampering should be physically blocked or guarded. - We reserve the right to remove projects from the event site. If you think there is the potential for removal include this information with your proposal. Controversy alone is not grounds to deny placement but we do want the opportunity to find the optimum location for such work. -Please drive slowly and obey all traffic laws. Be careful of passing! - All Rules apply to theme and sound camps. Please go over them thoroughly before registering. ‎(Responses)‎

Copy of Idaho Regional DeCOMPre ‎(Responses)‎