The new location for your 2019 Decompression is off Elk Creek Road, about 10 miles outside of Fairfield, Idaho! 
If you are used to the winding nasty roads of Twin Springs, you are in for a treat! From the highway, there is slightly more than 4 miles of easy dirt road. 

From Boise: 

Head east on Interstate 84 towards Mountain Home (40 miles) 

Take Exit 95 for US-20 N towards Mountain Home/Fairfield 

Turn left onto US-20 E/Hwy 20 E (63 miles) 

Turn left on to Rand Rd (2 miles) 

Turn right onto 200 N/ Base Line Road (1.3 miles) 

Turn left on to Elk Creek Road 

You have made it to your destination! Wasn't that easy!?


Quick disclaimer: We do NOT control the weather.  This location is about 5000 ft in elevation. This means it can be very flipping cold and inclement weather will happen. Come prepared. If a tornado throws you across the valley, we aren't going to give you a refund.  It can be VERY windy, so make sure to drive some serious 12"+ stakes into the ground to anchor your tent and other structures.  Camp away from where the wind will hit you the worst.    

Weather happens, people! It's called "nature" and it can be a big 'ol bitch.  Make sure you come prepared.