Idaho Burners Alliance, Inc. is 100% transparent - our 2018 Budget and actual expenses is below. Decomp population was 487, which included 29 children, 4 teens and 10 scholarship recipients. The revenue shown also includes funds raised at the Sensory After-party fundraiser, taxes, and fees collected by our online ticketing agent, which are accounted for in expenses.

Contact Connie at if you have any questions regarding our organization or where our money goes:

You will be asked to sign the following waiver at the gate, you may want to read it ahead of time and understand what you are signing:

video guide to the 10 principles, rangers, photography guidelines, etc.. — Pay attention and laugh at the same time. For old timers and newbies.. this short video clip was made for Flipside, a regional Texas event. This video applies more to us now than ever. Mainly cuz there will be poison oak at the new venue. :)